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PASSED is a solo narrative thriller game in which you must unravel the mysteries taking place in the darkest corners of your ship.


Noah awakens in a highly cinematical universe in which he plays the main part. What was supposed to be a calm routine intergalactical trip turns out for the worst.

Through an arduous journey across his spaceship and insightful discussions with his best friend Lamek, Noah will learn to accept the torments of his life. Arm yourself with courage and dive deep into darkness and isolation.

  • Explore the spaceship
  • Discuss with crew members
  • Interact with your environment.
  • Overcome dangerous situations.
  • Discover what is happening.

A ship going offtrack? Imperiled crew members? Strange noises in the distance? Find out the truth behind Noah’s journey!


  • 2.5 D world : characters in pixel art (2D) in a 3D environment.
  • Story-driven game : emphasis  on environmental storytelling, dialogues and cinematics.
  • Heavy and stressful atmosphere.
  • Choices during dialogues.
  • Highly cinematical setting : with camera shots inspired by the best thriller movies.
  • QTE Interactions.
  • Full controller & keyboard support.
  • Multiple languages : French & English.


Keyboard  :


- Interact (with environment or NPCs

-Choose dialogue options


Controller :



Producing :

Lead Producer: Antoine Pham-Minh

Producer: Valentin Lefebvre

Associate Producer: Tinah Ranarison

Game Design :

Lead Game Designer: Mattias Roudot

Game Designers: Florian Boine, Louan Costa

Narrative Game Designer: Soulaymane Guigon

Game Programming :

Lead Game Programmer: Romain Habib

Game Programmers: Sébastien Guarober, Héloise Bouvier, Bastien Barnéoud-ChapelierFlorian Boine

Game Art :

Lead Game Artist: Céric Arnoux

3D Environment Artist: Paul Makary

Sound Design :

Lead Sound Designer: Jonathan Urso

Sound Designer: Pierre-Yves Marrec

Composers: Nathan Bodart, Tinah Ranarison

Casting :

"Noah": Hadrien Martin

"Lamek": Cédric Latour


The game you are going to play is a demo designed to show the potential of our game. Feel free to give us any pieces to improve our game.



PASSED The game.rar 111 MB


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